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The study, ”Growing Disparities in AIDS Deaths in New York City,” released by Health People: Community Preventive Health Institute, examines AIDS deaths in the years since the Bloomberg Administration closed some 60 local AIDS support and outreach programs in the Bronx and Brooklyn while “re-allocating” 59% of the city’s federal funds for various outreach and support services to Manhattan-based agencies.

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The Health People Pledge

I promise to be responsible to myself, my family, and my community. I promise to fight AIDS-asthma-diabetes-smoking with compassion, determination and love.

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South Bronx AIDS Orphans Rap a Positive Message for Other Children Facing Harsh Realities

“Pull Your Pants Up” iTunes Single Produced by Gore; YouTube Video Directed by Award-Winning Broadway Choreographer Joey McKneely

NEW YORK, November 12, 2012 -- Singer Lesley Gore (“It’s My Party,” “You Don’t Own Me”) spent the summer quietly riding the 6 train to the South Bronx to help give voice to a group of kids who often find themselves voiceless in a noisy city. The kids, ages 5 to 20, who are part of South Bronx-based Health People and its Kids-Helping-Kids mentoring program, beat the heat by rehearsing their powerful rap, “Pull Your Pants Up,” with the pop legend for its iTunes and YouTube debut.
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AIDS My Family and Me

A Video site where kids can talk to other kids and upload videos about the struggles of having parents with HIV AIDS or who have died.

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P.$: The Prevention $aves Coalition to Reduce the National Debt through $avings that Promote Progress

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    You can help the United States reduce its national debt sanely and in ways that actually help people.

    It is well proven in almost every government and public endeavor----from chronic disease to juvenile delinquency to maintaining infrastructure---that good prevention generates enormous savings. Prevention improves lives and communities instead of leaving the gaps and collapse that desperate, last minute “savings” through service slashes so often leave.

    Right now, the National Debt Commission (formally known as the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform)---which is empowered to make major recommendations to lower the national debt---is meeting to form a plan to be finalized by December.

    Join us in assuring that PREVENTION is central to how the United States sees and frames its overall idea of debt reduction.

    The linked article, A Prevention Model for Reducing the Federal Debt while Doing Social Good by Neil Wollman will give an extraordinary and concise overview of the possibilities for prevention --- a win-win of savings and progress!

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We know that our prevention programs are saving the lives of women and men today...preventing more children from being orphaned tomorrow. And we know that our sensitive community-based support helps hundreds of distraught parents deal with seemingly hopeless situations so that children have a secure future.
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Health People has a variety of Groups and Programs to help when there is no where to go. Our Programs includes smoking cessation/quitting techniques, HIV/AIDS preventionl and support including Children & Teens emotional support dealing with HIV/AIDS. Also some of our programs are available in Spanish.
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Our Workshops includes support groups orientation, HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Training, including HIV/AIDS prevention amoung others. Health People services also include crisis prevention, care givers training, Family Crisis Counseling, Asthma Community Education and more.
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