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Bringing 30 years of highly effective programs right to your patients!

Learning good self-care is vital to improving chronic disease outcomes.

We know you don’t have time to educate every patent about all the options to create a self-care plan – so we’re here to help. We create the peer-run health education programs your patients need and help you help them get better.

Health People’s Training and Consulting Institute provides proven disease self-care prevention and wellness education.

Why Our Model Works

Our deep roots in the community enable us to strongly engage patients. We are peer education experts! We’ve worked with clinical centers and small practices alike to provide proven peer-delivered self care education for diabetes, asthma and other chronic diseases. We can be on-site at your location, online or on the phone!

And, we can train your own staff in excellent patient engagement and validated self-care education, especially for high need patients!

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Courses, Workshops & Training

Our highly experienced master trainers ensure that peer educators – who are representative of the community – are proficient facilitators of our workshops and programs, including:

  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • Happy Feet: Ulcer and Amputation Prevention for Diabetes patients
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management
  • Asthma Self-Management
  • Living with HIV/AIDS
course graduates
Diabetes Self Management Graduates

Staff Training

• Diabetes and Chronic Disease Self-Management Co-Facilitator Training
• Motivational Engagement: Beyond Motivational Interviewing to Documented Patient Action
• Happy Feet: Ulcer and Amputation Prevention for Diabetes patients


We can tailor a full chronic disease education program to the needs of a range of facilities – from medical centers to small practices to long-term care programs.

Ask about ME (Motivational Engagement) our validated one-session protocol to strongly engage patients to define – and then take – important steps to improve their outcomes.

Planning a Research or Demonstration Project? Talk to us about including an effective peer component.

Diabetes Program Among Homeless Population

Decreased Emergency Room visits by 45%. Reduced medical expenses by $1,000-$2,100 per participant over six months.

Asthma Program

Superior increases in Physical Health and Mental Health according to validated Veteran’s Rand Assessment


Brought percentage of participants who actively inspect their feet from 43% to 92% after a single session, increasing the likelihood of ulcer detection and amputation prevention.

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We’re Health People, a non-profit community based organization that works to educate communities to prevent and manage the most common chronic illnesses that have become epidemic in our society. In the last 25 years, we have trained over 500 peer educators and impacted over 20,000 lives while serving the Bronx community as a trusted provider.

Diabetes Programs

YES! Please send me Health People’s briefing on diabetes programs available to hospitals and private practice.